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Soap Base WP-60
WP-60 combines the washing and protecting functions.It has the feature of natural, effective decontamination,low foaming,easily rinse,etc.It main active material is fatty acid. Over 90% raw material are from renewable plant fat and not contain polyphosphates.
1.It can penetration depth of fabrics and remove more type stubborn stains
   2. Protect clothing from changing color ,keep clothing as bright as new.
3.Protect clothing fiber,imparts fabric soft and smooth hand feeling.
   4.Rinse easily,no residual.
5.Neutral mild formula.It will not feel burn when hand washing or touching skin.
6.It’s not contain phosphorus,aluminum,etc.It’s safe and environmental.
7.It is low stimulating and protect fabrics.
8.It is no need to use softener after washing.Solve problems of fabric stain accumulation,harden and static after repeatedly washing.
9.It is different from general washing powder,it has no harm to skin and washing effect is even better.