Cocamidopropylamine oxide CAO-30


CAO-30 is stable to use with anionic, zwitterionic and non-ionic surfactants. It is an excellent foaming and thickening  agent when use with anionic surfactants. It can improve dissolvability and help detergent product become more stable to use even under low temperature, CAO-30 can perfectly use with other types of surfactants.


Appearance: Beige transparent liquid

Free Ammonia (%)  ≤ 0.3%

Free peroxide (%) ≤1

pH value (10% solution): 6.0-8.0

APHA colour: ≤ 150

Solid content (%): 30±1%


Cocamidopropylamine oxide  appear yellow transparent liquid under room temperature, it is dissolve in water and hydroxyl solution (alcohols). CAO-30 can also use under acidic, alkaline and hard water conditions. Under acidic condition, CAO-30 performs cationic charge, which provide great softness and anti- static. Under alkaline condition, it performs non-ionic charge, which provide rich viscosity, rich foam and stable.


CAO-30 appear beige transparent liquid, easy dissolve in water and hydroxy. When it uses with other liquid chemical, CAO-30 can improve dissolvability and improve stability of final products. CAO-30 is stable to use with all types of surfactants.  CAO-30 can use under acidic, alkaline and hard water conditions. When the pH of solution close to acidic, CAO-30 performs cationic, and gentle to skin.  CAO-30 can uses as high efficient foaming agent and stabilizer, it can produces shampoo, body wash and hair conditioner. It can also uses to produce tooth toothpaste, mouthwash.  In textile auxiliary industry, it can uses to achieve waterproof, softness and anti-static.


200KG/50KG per barrel.

Please keep in room temperature,Expiry 2 years.

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