Emulsifying Degreaser ML-Y200


Emulsifying Degreaser ML-Y200 consists of multiple high quality surfactants. It is non-toxic, less smell, safe, phosphorus free and optical brightener free. MY-Y200 is widely uses in many aspects, it can remove all types of heavy oil and grease including crude oil, fuel, vegetable-based oil, animal fat, lubricating oil etc. It can be applying by many ways of washing including soaking, spray stains, wiping and machine washing, all of the methods can effectively remove oil stains on surface of oil tanks or other metal. ML-Y200 also shows great performance when treating fabrics, it can remove heavy stains and oil stains by penetrating, emulsifying and decomposing. ML-Y200 is easy to use,  protect fabric shape and protect colour fastness.


Appearance: Colourless transparent liquid

Ingredient: Multiples non-ionic surfactant

Cloud point: 50℃

pH value: 5.5-7.5

Concentration: ≥99%


1. Neutral pH with unique professional development. ML-Y200 has great emulsifying and oil/ fat removing ability. If under alkaline condition, the emulsifying is 5 times greater than common emulsifier from other brands.

2. Emulsifying. Degreaser ML-Y200 can emulsify more types of oil/ fat than  common emulsifier.

3.  ML-Y200 is a stable chemical and can use with other types of washing auxiliary together.

4. Excellent dissolvability in water. Great fabric penetration, emulsifying and decomposing ability.

5. ML-Y200 is phosphate free, eco- friendly, no smell, gentle to skin and z optical brightener free

6. ML-Y200 is also stable when with sulfuric acid, alkali hydrochloric acid, common reducing agent, oxidising agent and hard water.

7. ML-Y200 can individually uses to wash towel, guest clothing and high standard clothes or fabric. It can also use as stain removing agent to remove all types of oil/ fat. It can also use with detergent together. ML-Y200 can effectively removes heavy oil stains on tablecloth and other stains on fabric. It is suitable for cotton, linen, polyester etc.


1. Dilution: 

2. Amount to use: 

The actual usage and dilution should base on the textile and fabric condition. The smallest diluted concentration shouldn’t less than 35%. 

For best result, it is suggested to adjust the amount of ML-Y200 add base on the condition of lipid sains need to be emulsify in order to achieve the best and cost effectively amount usage.

When use ML-Y200 as prewash or individually, it is suggested to use 50-100 grams of ML-Y200 for 100KGS of fabric. When use in main washing, ML-Y200 can add with other detergent into washer; When use to remove lipid stains, it can uses sprayer to spray ML-Y200 on stains, and leave 5-10 mins before put into washing machine to main wash.

3. Temperature and amount of usage in main wash:

Temperature: 25℃- 85℃. For heavy stains, temperature of water should around 30℃ to 50℃

Slight stains: 8-15 grams of solution for per 5 KG textile

Medium stains: 15- 25 grams of solution for per 5 KG textile

Heavy stains: 25-35 grams of solution for per 25-35KG textile


1. ML-Y200 is 200KG/ Barrel

2. Avoid sun light, store cool dark place. Keep away from child. If in eye, rinse with water immediately. 

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