Cold Water Soluble Soap Detergent Powder WP-50A


WP-50A has great performance in both cleanability and fabric care during washing process. It is nature, eco- friendly, strong cleanability, medium foam and easy to rinse. The major active content of this powder is sodium aliphatate, and more than 90% of the ingredients are came from eco-friendly vegetable oil basis, and the WP-50A doesn’t contain polyphosphate.


Appearance: Beige Power

Main ingredient: Sodium aliphatate

PH Value:11.0~12.0

Temperate of Dissolve: Room temperature 25 ℃ for 3 mins


1. WP-50A can clean textile and fiber deeply and remove all types of heavy stains.

2. After wash by WP-50A, the textile still keeps its original fabric color, the fabric color won’t get damage.

3.Easy to rinse, no chemical remain after washing.

4. WP-50A is raw material of detergent powder and 100% concentrated, it can be used as the raw material powder in spray drying tower to make detergent powder.

5. Great stain and lipid removing ability.


WP-50A is gentle to skin, it also protects textile fiber. WP-50A solve and remove all the problem of dirt remaining, textile solidate and static when wash multiple times. WP-50A is eco- friendly  product and gentle to skin, the cleanability is also better than traditional detergent powder.


Add 5%-7% of WP-50A powder when use in composition to produce daily use detergent powder.


1、WP-50A is 25KG/BAG。

2、Store cool dry place, avoid sunlight。

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