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Emulsifying Degreasing Agent ML-Y100


It is compounded by various high-efficiency surfactant. It is a non-toxic, low-odor, safe, non-phosphorescent, non-fluorescent brightening agent, which is used in normal temperature. It can Can remove all kinds of oil stain, including crude oil,fuel oil, animal and vegetable oils,  Lubricant, etc.It can also remove  oil stain from oil tank pipe and metal surface effectively through dipping, spraying, wiping or circular cleaning.It can penetrate, emulsify and resolve the oil stains on the fabric, the effect is remarkable.It won’t damage the fabric fiber and imparts the fabric brighten.

1.Neutral PH value,unique formula.It has strong ability of removing oil stain.In alkaline condition,the emulsifying ability will be at least quintuple than common emulsifying agent.

2.It can emulsify stubborn oil stain that common emulsifying agent can not emulsify.

3.It has good compatibility with general degreasing agents.

4.Good .water-solubility.It has good permeate,emulsify and disperse ability.

5.Non-phosphorus,environmental,no odor,nonirritant and non-fluorescent brightening agent.

6.It is stable for vitriol,alkali,HCI,general reducing agent,oxidizing agent and hard water.

7.It has good madefaction,saturate,emulsify,disperse and decontaminate ability.Just thimbleful can achieve the excellent effect.

8.It can be used for washing bath towel, garment and other high-end clothing directly.It can also be used as a stain cleanser to remove all kinds of oil stains, or use with washing powder, strengthening the effect of cleaning heavy oil stain table cloth and linen.It is suitable for all colors fabrics of cotton, linen,chemical fiber,etc.

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