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Soap Powder Fast Dissolved In Cool Water WP-50


The United States and the new venture, developed a cold water soluble soap wp-50.It is made up of special high molecular compound,specialized in printing anti-staining soap washing and anti-fouling after dyeing of nylon, silk, wool, natural fabrics, etc.After washing,the printed fabrics will be bright and vivid.It would not cause cross-color and imparts good color fastness.It is an ideal type dyeing and printed soap powder.

1.It can remove printing thickener,improve washing fastness of acidic dyeing & printing fabric.Prevent pollution on the white part of printed fabric.It can be used in a short time wash cycle.

2.It has excellent cleaning and dye-resistant ability and effective for all the acid dyes,suitable for the washing of acid dyeing or anti-staining after printing.It can also be used to improve the color fastness of nylon fabric.It is not contained APEO,formaldehyde and other environmental banned substances.

3.It has dye-resistant ability for the white and light color part of acid dye printing fabric in washing process.It can used in removing floating color.

4.It has mighty detergency for household clothing fabrics,imparts excellent whiteness after washing.

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